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Rio Tierra Clubs 2021-2022

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Clubs are back!

Clubs are one of the best ways for students to get engaged and meet other students that are interested in similiar activities such as gaming, anime, sports, robotics, and much more. 

This year we are excited to be able to get clubs back up and running.  Be on the lookout for announcements about Club Rush in September.  Club Rush usually held during lunch and gives students the opportunity to see the different clubs being offered, meet the club advisor (teacher), and sign up for the clubs that interest them.  Most clubs meet once a week after school but a few meet during lunch.  

If a student is interested in starting a new club they should speak to the Activities Director, Mrs. Powell.  She will tell students what steps they need to take including finding a teacher to serve as the club advisor.


Check out the clubs we have available so far this year!

(Updated 9/23/2021)

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Adviser: Xiong

Days & Hours: Thursdays @ 3:00

Location: Room 30
Description: The place to express your creativity!  Art Club is here to provide a place for students who are passionate about making art to come together to express their creativity through art projects of their choice.

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Adviser: Mr. Kenealey

Days & Hours: Please contact Mr. Kenealey 

Location: Please contact Mr. Kenealey

book_to_movie_club Card Icon
book to movie club

Adviser: Our librarian Ms. Leonette

Day & Hours: Thursday at Lunch
Location: Library
Description: A place where students can enjoy reading new books and watching the film adaptions together.  The club promotes a love of literature and films in a positive and fun environment.


Adviser: McGowan

Days & Hours:
Mondays @ 3:00
Location: Room 11

The purpose of this club is to serve as a safe place for Black scholars on campus.  We will be able to explore the history of Black people in the United States as well as talk about current events.

GSA_(Genders_&_sexualities_alliance)_club Card Icon
GSA (Genders & sexualities alliance) club

Adviser: Mitchell

Day & Hours:
Wednesdays @ 12:45

Location: Room 13
Description: Provides inclusivity on campus and is open to all students.  The club will discuss events that are realat to their lives and promote an anti-bullying and harassment mentality.


Adviser: Alex

Days & Hours: Thursdays @ 3:00

Location: Room 23
Description: The purpose of the Kings and Queens Club is to promote cultural awareness, social skills, provide educational enrichment, leadership development and community services. This club is based on the sororities and fraternities structure.

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mesa CLUB

Adviser: Mitchell

Days & Hours: Mondays @ 2:45 with additional meetings as the competition gets closer

Location: Room 13
Description: Give students more opportunities to build and explore.  The club will help renovate our Makerspace, and then utilize it for STEM projects. Members of the club are expected to compete in MESA Day in March, as well as the district science competition, and Mission to Mars in May.

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Robotics Club

Adviser: Flissinger

Days & Hours: TBD please contact Mr. Flissinger
Location: Room 50

Description: Introduce students to programming and robotics using the Lego EV3 platform.  Robotics members will build to master challenges on the Lego League Course.  


Adviser: Ramirez

Day & Hours: Wednesdays @ 7:00 a.m. before school

Location: Gym
Description: Supervise, regulate, and promote youth soccer.  This club probvides competition for the development of the sport through coaching, good sportsmanship, refereeing, fair play, and player development.


Adviser: Graf

Days & Hours: TBD please contact Ms. Graf 

Location: Room 12
Description: Many kids deal with a number of difficult issues, from pressures in school and finding a voice among their peers to body image concerns and low self-esteem.  Join us at the Mindfulness Club to relieve some stress through yoga, crafts and other fun activities!