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Parents, did you receive a progress report?

Rio Tierra works hard to be sure parents are informed of how their student is doing academically.  You can expect to receive a "Progress Report" in the middle of each quarter to give you a snapshot of how your student is doing (see school calendar for progress report and report card dates).  If you did not receive a progress report in the mail for your student for first quarter, click HERE to let us know so we can confirm/update your address.  If you did receive a progress report and your student is failing one or more classes there are some things you can do to support your student and help them raise their grade up. 

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grade investigating 101 for parents & students

There are mostly two reasons why students get an D or Fin a class:
  1. The student has multiple missing assignments (0's in the gradebook)
  2. The student is turning in homework and class assignments but is getting low scores on tests/quizzes
Parents/Guardians can check to see why your student is receiving a failing grade by logging on to Aeries Parent Portal.  If you have not signed up for a parent portal account or need help getting in to your account you can visit our webpage and find tutorials on the “Tips to Becoming a Tech Savvy Parent” under resources. Once you have determined why your student is struggling you can use some of the strategies and tools below to help your student start to raise their grades. Students can do the same investigating by going to their Aeries Student Portal.

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how to raise a grade due to missing assignments:

-Contact the teacher to see if they accept late work.
-If the teacher does accept late work, pick out the missing assignments that are worth the most points and complete and turn those in first.  It will raise the grade faster.
-Space out assignments in the student planner so making them up isn't too overwhelming.  If you need help ask your parent, teacher, or counselor.
-Stay on top of assignments the rest of the year so you won’t have to repeat the process every progress report time.
-Students should be writing their assignments in their planner every day to help them keep track of due dates.  Parents-ask to see their planner. Checking in with them about the progress of assignments that are due will help them stay organized and motivate them to complete work on time.

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how to raise a grade due to low test/quiz scores:

- Learn how to study for tests and quizzes including the right environment.
-Discover good study habits and which ones will work best and fit their learning style  (link will take you to a questionnaire to fill out to find your learning style).  If you need ideas on how you should study based on your learning style check out the infographs to the left.
-Sign up for extra help.  Many teachers volunteer to meet with students before and after school for extra help and some will even meet with students on zoom.
-Check out some additional resources below including the Sacramento Library's free tutoring (zoom) and after school programs that offer time for homework help.

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free resources

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The sacramento public library-zoom homework help & Live tutoring

The Sacramento County Library offers live tutors daily and zoom homework help sessions on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 4:00-5:30.  Twin Rivers’ students have access by using their student ID.  When it asks for a library card number enter TR and then their student number (ex. TR123456), their 4 digit pin number is the student’s birth year. Click HERE to visit their website.
They also have an entire webpage dedicated to online resources to help students study.  Again, students can use TR and their student ID to access these resources AND digitally checkout up to 30 books.  They have a section of resources for each subject.  Click HERE to visit their homework resources webpage.

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after school programs

Rio Tierra has partnered with the Boys & Girls Club to provide after school care.  Visit our after school program webpage under "Our School".  They provide a time for students to do homework and get help from one of their leaders.  The program is getting very poopular so there may be a wait list.  
South Natomas Community Center also has an after school program (not affiliated with Rio TIerra or Twin Rivers School District).  Teen Scene offers a variety of activities for students that includes homework help.  Click HERE to visit their website.  It is also a popular program so if it is full, put your name on the waiting list.

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Rio tierra's library

Don't forget about our library!  Our new librarian Mrs. Leonette has all sorts of online resrouces as well as resources for you to use in person.  Visit the library page to learn what resources are avialable and to learn more about our new librarian!

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Online tutors & Video Tutorials

Below are some free online video tutorials and live tutors.  These are not affiliated with Rio Tierra Jr. High or Twin Rivers USD.  Students should always have parent/guardian permission and parents should take the appropriate measures to ensure their student's online safety.  These are all free services.  You may be asked to make an account with a login and password but you should not be asked for any money.  Some sites have a place to make a donation but it is NOT required. 

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video tutorials

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Free live tutoring online