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Parent University

Check back regularly for opportunities to learn from experts in a variety of topics.  If you have a topic suggestion let us know!  You can email Mrs. Juarros at with your ideas.
English classes will start soon for adults who want to learn the English language.  The classes will be provided by Twin Rivers Adult School on our campus in our new Parent Center.  Classes will be during the day.  Be sure look for announcements via email and through Aeries Parent Portal.  Dates and times will also be posted on the school calendar.

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Adult English Classes

ESL (English as a Second Language) program is for adults who do not speak English as their first language and want to learn English. See below for more information. Classes are FREE and are at Rio Tierra's campus in our new Parent Center located in room 31 Tuesdays and Thursdays 11:45 - 2:45Friday 12:45 - 2:45 

Classes Start August 31, 2021!

ESL classes at Rio Tierra for Free

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Introducing Wicondra Stovall

We are are excited to have Wicondra Stovall from Ara's Education Consulting as part of our team this year.  She has been partnering with Twin Rivers School District and their families since 2019, to identify barriers between the school site and homes of African American families.  You can learn more about Ara's Education Consulting and their mission by visiting the website or get in touch with Wicondra.  

Office Hours on Rio Tierra Campus: Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 7:30-1:00

Wicondra Stovall Ara

You can reach Wicondra by:

Phone: (707) 394-4114


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parent institute for quality education (piqe)

For more information or help with registration contact: Liliana Valdez (209) 501-3967

*See below fliers for Zoom sessions schedule
PIQE ProgramParent Institute for quality education Spanish

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PIQE Zoom session schedule (Sessions start at 6:00)

Thursday September 2nd Welcome, PIQE Presentation, Registration
Thursday September 9th Session 1: Supporting the Academic Achievement of Adolescents through their changes
Thursday September 16th Session 2: Connecting Academic Success and Positive Self-Esteem
Thursday September 23rd Session 3: Overcoming Obstacles to Academic Success
Thursday September 30th Session 4: Motivating Teenagers to Read
Thursday October 7th Session 5: Understanding the Importance of Middle School as a Bridge to High School
Thursday October 14th Session 6: Principal's Forum with Parents (Q & A)
Thursday October 21st Graduation!

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Find more resources on the counseling page!

For Parents:

Click HERE for Community, Financial, COVID 19, Mental Health, and Immigration Resources and Utility Assistance Programs

For Students:

Click HERE for a place to CHILL
Click HERE for Health resources (Pysical, Emotional, & Mental) or if you need support ASAP
Click HERE to check out some different careers and see what you can do when you grow up
Click HERE to check out colleges