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2021/2022 Back To School Information

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Welcome back Rio Tierra Jr. High!  We are so excited to see you in person.  School starts TUESDAY, AUGUST 17TH.  Last year we had to do things much differently and although we will still have to make a few adjustments, we are all back together.  It is going to be a great year.  Below are some answers to some questions you might have regarding this school year.  Read on to get all the information you need.

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When does school start?

School starts TUESDAY, AUGUST 17TH.  

The bell will ring every morning at 7:55 a.m. and school will start at 8:00 a.m.

On M/T/TH/F dismissal is at 2:37

On WEDNESDAYS dismissal is at 12:37

To access a detailed bell schedules click HERE

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will school be in person?

YES!  As of right now we are scheduled to return to in-person learning.  There are no more cohorts or hybrid schedules.  Everyone attends the entire school day, Monday-Friday.

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is rio tierra offering an online learning option?

Currently all Twin Rivers schools are in-person only.  There is not an online option or hybrid schedule like last year.  If online learning is something you are interested in, your student will need to enroll in Keema.

KEEMA-School for Indpendent Study is a program where students would complete their work online at home and meet with a teacher at one of their four sites, one day a week.  Students would no longer be a Rio Tierra student, instead, they would be in independent study and learn at home. 

Click HERE to visit their website.   

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Are masks required?

Yes!  All students and staff and anyone on campus, regardless of their vaccination status, must wear a mask over their mouth and nose while indoors.  As of right now masks are not required outdoors however, we will continue keeping up to date on Sacramento Department of Public Health & OSHA guidelines and will modify requirements based on their recommendations and district policies.  Please be sure to check your email for messages from the school and in Aeries Parent Portal for any changes.

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what if a student forgets their mask?

If a student forgets their mask they will be provided one and must adhere to the mask health order by wearing it over their mouth and nose while indoors.

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Is a COVID vaccination required to return to school?

No, you do NOT need to have the COVID vaccine to attend Rio Tierra Jr. High.  If you are interested in getting the vaccine Rio Tierra will be providing an opportunity in September to get vaccinated.  Be sure to check your Aeries Parent Portal & our website for more information.

All regular immunizations are still required by the state.  If you are an incoming 7th grader, check with your doctor to be sure you are up to date on all of your shots.    Click HERE to visit Twin River's webpage for more information on what immunizations are required and resources.

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vaccination resources

Click here for more dates and times around Sacramento County to get a COVID vaccine.  

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Where can my student get tested?

The district will be offering student testing.  Information and Guidleines are below.

COVID Testing Resources and Guidelines

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how can i protect my student from covid

By following guidlelines recommended by the Sacramento Department of Public Health, Cal/OSHA, and the CDC you can greatly reduce the risk of contracting COVID.  Recommendations include:

  1. Wearing a mask properly over the mouth and nose at all times while indoors
  2. Avoid touching your face including your eyes, nose, and mouth
  3. Covering coughs and sneezes with a tissue or by coughing/sneezing into your arm or elbow
  4. Frequently washing your hands with soap and water especially after coughing, sneezing, blowing your nose, or touching your face
  5. Have your student do a health check EVERY morning before school by checking their temperature  (According to CDC anything over 100.4 is considered a temperature)
  6. Stay home if you have any symptoms. The CDC says these could include, but are not limited to, having a fever or chills, cough, runny nose, sore throat, nausea or vomiting, headache, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing.  These are also symptoms of many other illnesses including the common cold or flu.  However, these are also contagious, so it is best to stay home and then check with your doctor if symptoms continue.
Learn more by clicking HERE or downloading the COVID 19 Daily-Symptom-Check document in the upper left hand corner of this webpage. 

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what do i do if i think my student has covid symptoms or has been exposed?

If you think your student may have COVID or has been exposed to COVID contact our school nurse immediately so she can direct you to resources and advise you on protocals.  

Cynthia A Villongco, RN 

(916) 566-42730 ext 24089

Twin Rivers District follows the Public Health Decision Tree.  Click HERE or download it by clicking on the document in the upper left corner.

what_are_the_guidleines_for_adults_being_on_campus? Card Icon
what are the guidleines for adults being on campus?

The county, CDC, and OSHA has strongly recommended that school sites limit campus access to staff and students.  If you need to come to campus for any reason, for now, district policy requires parents to call the office and make an appointment.  There is a lot that can be done over the phone, online, or through email.  These tools will be heavily utilized until the guidleines have changed.  We still look forward to helping you however we can so please give us a call and thank you for helping us keep students and staff safe and healthy!


Office phone # (916) 566-2730

* All authorized visitors that have an appointment must wear a face mask over their mouth and nose at all times.

how_will_i_know_if_my_student_was_exposed_to_covid_at_school Card Icon
how will i know if my student was exposed to covid at school

Our Nurse Cynthia, Health Assistant Markita, and the amazing Twin Rivers health services department will follow health and safety protocals including contact tracing.  During that process if they find your student has been exposed you will be contacted and advised of next steps. 

will_there_be_sports_&_other_activities? Card Icon
will there be sports & other activities?

Yes!  Currently all sports programs will be offered.  There may be modifications to ensure the students, parents, and staff remain safe and healthy.  Be sure to be on the look out for sports protocols and updates throughout the year as they may change based on the guidelines from the county and district policies.  All student athletes must have a sports physical exam form.  You can download the form to take to your doctor by clicking "sports-physical-exam-form" at the top left of this page.

Clubs and other school activities will be offered as well however, a few activities/meetings such as Parent Orientation and Back to School Night will be held over zoom.  IEP meetings and meetings with teachers may also be held on zoom.

*Under the guidelines of the Sacramento Department of Public Health the district has suspended ALL field trips, in-person assemblies, and dances until further notice.  We know these activities are important to students and we will be thinking outside the box to create similiar experiences online and over zoom.

Will_students_need_to_purchase_pe_clothes? Card Icon
Will students need to purchase pe clothes?

Although students will continue to have PE they will NOT be dressing out at this time.  You will not need to purchase any PE clothes.  In order to be prepared for PE and get all those participation points students will need appropriate footwear such as tennis shoes or sneakers (or any shoe that is close-toed and fits securely while exercising).   

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what guidelines are being followed during lunch?

  1. There are now two different lunch times in order to cut down on the number of students in one area. 

  2. We will also offer students the option to sit outside.  Our amazing custodian will be pulling multiple cafeteria tables outside every day and spreading them out in the hallway.  We are lucky to have a covered hallway that will provide cover for students who choose to sit outside from the sun and other weather as we get further in to the year.

When_will_I_get_my_class_schedule? Card Icon
When will I get my class schedule?

You can access your class schedule RIGHT NOW in your student Aeries Portal!

You can also pick up your schedule on Monday the 16th from 8:30-12:30 in front of the office.  If you cannot pick it up on Monday, you will be able to get it first thing Tuesday morning from Mrs. Juarros who will have a table set up near the flag pole. 

how_do_I_get_my_student_with_special_needs_to_wear_a_mask? Card Icon
how do I get my student with special needs to wear a mask?

None of us really enjoy wearing a mask and it can be especially difficult for students with special needs, sensory processing issues, or students on the autism spectrum.  Here are a few things you might try in order to get your student use to wearing a mask and washing their hands.

  1. Try a social story (see video below)
  2. Practice wearing a mask for short amounts of time.  For the first time your student tries to wear a mask see how long they can last by using a timer or counting.  Then work to extend that time and make it a big deal when they beat their time.
  3. Include the family. Seeing a parent, sibling, or grandparent wearing their mask may help them feel better about wearing it
  4. Try to find some masks that are soft and that can easily adjust around the ears or try using a mask strap that allows for the mask to stay on the face by wrapping around the head instead of having to loop around the ears. 
  5. Reward them with attention, high fives, hugs, or whatever else motivates them
  6. Be patient, it may take some time and trial and error.  Please reach out to their teacher or Mrs. Juarros the school counselor if you need additional support.

Masks_and_Hand_Washing_Video_for_Students_with_Special_Needs Card IconMasks and Hand Washing Video for Students with Special Needs

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Links to additional information