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1 Google Image Search (Advanced)
Another coup for Google. They've hit the Web with the best image search engine. Google finds images by matching search terms to the captions of image files, to adjacent text, "and dozens of other factors." Results pages contain up to twenty thumbnail images with name and size of image included. Clicking on the thumbnail brings a framed page with the larger version of the image in the top frame and the Web page on which the image is located in the bottom frame. Image searches are filtered by default, but you can turn off filtering at each searching session.
2 CalPhotos
A collection of over 50,000 "images of plants, animals, fossils, people, and landscapes." Searchable by type, scientific and common name, location, California county, U.S. state, country, collection, and photographer. Includes information about the photographers. From the Digital Library Project, University of California, Berkeley.