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Maps, Dates, Weather

1 Mapserver
This site can be searched by United States city or place name, zip code, and latitude/longitude. In addition to a topographic map, nautical chart, and aeronautical chart, you get a satellite photo that can be zoomed in to include only a few city blocks. The indication of latitude and longitude changes as you move the cursor over the photo, maps, and charts, all of which can be printed or e-mailed. 
2 Maporama
Accessible in twenty-six different languages, Maporama provides street-level directional maps for fifteen European nations, all of the USA, and most of Canada. Personal and business directories for a limited number of European countries are also available. Maps are available in normal, high definition, and interactive formats that include weather, local time, and longitude and latitude of locations.

One of the "graduates" of Google Labs.  Great for heavily populated locations, especially U.S. and Western Europe.  It features the following:
  • Draggable maps - Click and drag maps to view adjacent sections immediately (no long waits for new areas to download).
  • Satellite imagery - View an aerial image of your desired location that you can zoom and pan.
  • Integrated search results - Find business locations and contact information all in one location. For example, if you search for [pizza in San Jose], locations of relevant listings appear on your map, and their phone numbers appear alongside.
  • Detailed directions - Enter an address and let Google Maps plot the location and/or driving directions for you. Click any part of the driving directions to see a magnified map or satellite image of that part of the route.
  • Keyboard shortcuts - Pan left, right, up and down with the arrow keys. Pan wider with the Page Up, Page Down, Home and End keys. Zoom in and out with the plus (+) key and minus (-) keys.

3 Time and
How many seconds, minutes, hours, days, have you been alive? Can also check the time to any date in the past or future.

4 Weather Underground
Provides information on ski conditions in the United States and Canada. For each ski area, find information on last snowfall, base snow, surface conditions, trails, acres, and open lifts, hours of operation, and road condition. And much, much more