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The best single starting point on the Web for doing legal research. Full-text, searchable database of all law reviews and journals on the Internet. Updated nightly. Another search interface, LawCrawler, helps you focus your search on legal issues on the Web. Also includes Legal News, legal forms, organizations, law firms and lawyers, judicial opinions and case law, consultants, and more.

1 Lawyer Locator
This site has a database of over one million lawyers and law firms in 160 countries, searchable by name, location, practice area, firm size, and language spoken. There are other databases of alternative dispute resolution practitioners, services (court reporters, expert witnesses, process servers), and legal personnel (administrators, librarians, marketing professionals, paralegals). There is also information on legal careers (jobs, resources, insider reports on law firms, recruiters) and professional resources (conferences, schools, associations, associations, continuing education).

2 Legal Information Institute
Extensive materials on the law: brief summaries of law topics, with links to key primary sources; state and federal constitutions and codes; federal and state judicial opinions; federal, state, and international law by source or jurisdiction; current awareness resources, including "Eye on the Courts" (news on important court decisions); and directories of organizations, journals (law reviews), judges, lawyers, and law schools. From the Cornell Law School.