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Language & Literature

1 Karlaís Guide to Citation Style Guides
Great set of links to a variety of style guides.

2 Ethnologue
Search this database by country or name of language. You'll find out how many people speak a language, what languages are similar, and in which countries the language is spoken. More than 6,800 languages spoken in 230 countries. The Name Index lists over 41,000 language names, dialect names, and alternate names. The Language Family Index organizes languages according to language families.

3. Guide to Grammar Writing
Extensive guide to effective use of the English language. Includes definitions of sentence parts, rules for comma usage and other punctuation marks, plurals and possessives, spelling, nouns and modifiers, words and phrases to avoid, capitalization, spelling and abbreviations, and a lot more. Many interactive quizzes and exercises are included as well as Ask Grammar where you can look for answered questions or post one.

4 Voice of America Pronunciation Guide
Sound files and pronunciation guide for more than 2,200 names of people, groups, places, and things in the news around the world. Search methods include keyword search, alphabetical by name, the full list (10 at a time), and by country. There is also a short list of names recently in the VOA news.