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California & Sacramento Web Sites

California_Sites Card IconCalifornia Sites California's a large website providing legal information.
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CaliforniaBallot Propositions from the Los AngelesCountyLawLibrary 
CaliforniaBallot Propositions from HastingsLaw Library 
The CaliforniaStateAssembly   
The CaliforniaState Senate 
The Official California Legislative Information Site provides a variety of legislative information including:
Statutes, Journals and Histories (1849 - early 1990's) here  
The California Code of Regulations 
The California Courts 
Opinions are specifically at THIS SITE
California Supreme Court and Appellate Court DecisionsArchiveon
FindLaw (10/96 - Present)

Sacramento_Sites Card IconSacramento Sites

City of Sacramento Home Page - here  
SacramentoCityCodes - here  
Sacramento County Home Page - here  
Sacramento County Bar Association - here  
SacramentoSuperior Court - here  
SacramentoCountyPublic Law Library - here