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SEL (Social Emotional Learning) for STUDENTS

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what is sel & why should you (students) care?

SEL is a lot of things all rolled in to one like-skills, attitudes and values.  All of these things promote success in school and in life, things like managing emotions, setting and achieving goals, persevering through adversity and working in a team.  You may not think these are important skills BUT doing SEL activites can help you:

  • Have less melt downs

  • Avoid some drama

  • Get along better with your parents and/or siblings

  • Talk to your teacher so you earn a better grade

  • Manage anxiety

At least give it a try!  It can't hurt!

*Some activites have worksheets you can use, you can find these to the left under Worksheets 4 SEL

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Social/emotional learning 


I know many of you may be looking after siblings, helping with other family members, and/or are working more hours. Before you can support others, support yourself first. Here are some ideas to help you support yourself!
How To:
  • Have compassion for yourself. We deserve the same compassion we give to others, but unfortunately, we tend to be our own worst critics. In order to promote self-compassion, practice positive self-talk. For example, if you do poorly on a test, instead of saying, “I am so stupid,” tell yourself, “I am allowed to make mistakes and will do better next time.”
  • Don’t judge yourself. If you notice yourself judging or negatively comparing yourself, stop and think about why you are comparing yourself. Realize that you deserve to be treated with respect and positively supported. Instead of comparing yourself, try to be content as you are.
  • Listen to yourself and prioritize YOU first. Often, we try to help others before helping ourselves. In order to support yourself, try to make decisions with your emotional health in mind. Ask yourself, “Will this make me feel better and support myself?” This doesn't mean you get to ignore responsibilities or jobs you are in charge of! It just means being aware of how it is making you feel, communicating about it when possible, and doing something for yourself when the work still has to get done.
           Use the Taking Care of Yourself Doc (You can find it in the upper left corner of this page under the menu bar "Worksheets 4 SEL")                    

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september sel-try something new

Now is the PERFECT time to work on yourself! What else are you doing? You may be surprised by the motivation you feel when you challenge yourself. Maybe try journaling, exercising, complimenting people, putting down your phone for part of the day, or taking photos every day for 30 days. You can do it!
Click the picture to watch this 3 min TED talk.
  • After watching the video, think of three new ways that you would like to challenge yourself
  • Pick one of the three ideas and come up with a plan to make it happen!
  • You can choose a buddy for accountability in this 30-day challenge and support each other along the way! Or invite your family to do it with you.

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October sel-8 motivation tips

Watch this video from Greg & Mitch to learn helpful tips for staying motivated! (Or in some of your cases...GETTING motivated! The year isn't over yet guys, KEEP LEARNING!

Try setting a goal this week using the SMART Goals worksheet (find it on the upper left side of this page under the menu)

Goal Ideas:
Specific Subject Goal                                       
PE Goal
Daily Assignment Goal
Time spent on school work a day Goal
Screen Time Goal

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november sel-what is your passion?

Watch this short 2 min video about how to find your passion!
Try the activity-look for the doc "Find Your Passion" at the top left of this page under the menu.