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choose your high school classes

 For the last 8 years you have been told what classes you have to take.  THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO TAKE CHARGE AND BE IN CONTROL OF YOUR EDUCATION!  This freshman freedom comes with responsibility.  Below are some resources that can help you with your first high school task.  Having as much information as possible will help you make the right choice for YOU.  

If you missed the Grant High School presentation you can view it HERE.  Then click the button below to fill out the form to request your classes for next year.

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Who is your new counselor?

At Rio we have about 300 students so it is just me, Mrs. Juarros.  In high school there may be over 1,000 students.  This means more counselors.  Grant (and most other high schools) group students by the first LETTER of your LAST name.  Click HERE to find your counselor.  While Grant is on campus you may or may not meet with your assigned counselor.

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look ahead to plan ahead

Let's start with your END GAME which is Graduating High School.  When thinking about what classes to pick you should also consider your future goals.  What are you interested in doing as a career?  Do you need to go to college to do that job?  Do you need specialized training? If you have no idea-DON'T panic-it is ok.  You have plenty of time however, a career assessment might be helpful.  You can find links to a career assessment on the Career web page under the Counseling tab. 

You might want to plan as if you are going to a college or university so that when you do decide what you want to do, you have what you need to move forward.  Here is what you need to meet your end game goal and your future goal...

Graduation requirements chart for TRUSD

The BLUE column is what is required by our district to earn your diploma & graduate from high school.

The ORANGE column is required by ALL California State colleges require (Ex. Cal State Sacramento).

The DARK GREEN column is required by ALL University of California schools (Ex. UC Davis).

To find a list of Cal State Colleges and Universities click HERE (located on the left side bar).

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a few more things to think about...

Grant High School's Counselors are experts in all things Grant, Classes, & Post graduate options.  PLEASE pay close attention to their presentation and if you are interested in any of the programs below-ASK THEM!  This information is just a heads up so you have a little time to think about these options before you meet with them.  Don't be afraid to ask questions!

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dual enrollment

What if I told you that you could fast forward through some of college?  With the district's dual enrollment program you can start taking college classes at Grant and earn high school credit PLUS college credits at the same time!  It is FREE!

  • You save money on college tuition

  • You save time by already having a semester or more of college out of the way

  • You can start making money faster

Click HERE to check out Dual Enrollment at Grant

Click HERE to check out Dual Enrollment on the Twin Rivers website

*IMPORTANT-If you are interested in the Dual Enrollment program tell your counselor on Thursday!

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academies & cte pathways

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academy programs

  • An academy is a school within a school and provides students the opportunity to learn skills that can provide job placement and career advancement after graduation.

  • Academy programs are a three-year programs that typically starts in 10th grade BUT a few academies require some freshman classes.

  • Academy programs incorporate integrated academics and career technical education, business partnerships, mentoring and internships.



OFFERED AT: Grant High School
• Paramedic
• Crime Scene Investigation
• Judge
• Lawyer
• Elected Official
• Boarder Patro
Criminal Justice Academy Flyer
Grant's Criminal Justice Academy Website


OFFERED AT: Grant High School
• Conservation Scientists
• Landscape Designers
• Landscape Architects
• Environmental Engineers
• Environmental Scientists
• City Planner
• Hydrologist
• Toxicologist
GEO Environmental Science Flyer 
Grant's GEO Science Website


OFFERED AT: Grant High School
• Physical Therapists
• Physician Assistants
• Athletic Trainer
• Chiropractor
• Nutritionist
• Exercise Physiologists
• Fitness Instructor
• Personal Trainer
Health Science Flyer
Grant's Health Science Website
Grant's Health Science Brochure

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cte pathways

  • CTE stands for Career Technical Education

  • CTE programs focus on a special area of study, such as career education, STEM, the performing arts, or partnership academies (CPA), which are schools-within-a-school

  • CTE provides career, college and workforce preparation for high school students, groundwork for advanced training and the upgrading of existing skills.

The list below lists Grant High School's CTE options, to learn more about each one click HERE

GHS CTE Pathways

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academy/cte pathways available district-wide

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Don't see anything that sparks your interest?  Consider JROTC.  Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) is the Department of Defense's (DOD) Largest Youth Development Program.  Many students complete JROTC in high school and go on to join the military.  You can check out Grant's JROTC Website for more information.