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Incoming 7th Graders 2022/2023

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welcome future pioneers

Hello 6th graders!  In just a few short months you will officially be 7th graders.  That means you need to start thinking about next year.  Don't worry, it is as easy as 1, 2, 3!  Follow the steps below to learn a little bit about Rio Tierra Jr. High, learn about each elective, explore the electives you are interested in, and when you are ready-click on the google form at the bottom of the page to give us your elective choices (Ok, there are actually 4 steps-but it's still really easy.  We promise).

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Step 1

Watch the video below to "GEAR UP" for 7th grade.

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step 2

music notes, paints, computer Time to explore the electives you are most interested in.  


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step 3

If you know what electives you like you can skip this step.  Still not sure which elective you want to choose?  You can watch the video below for a detailed description of each course.

  HONORS ENGLISH                                                  English book

Do you have an A or a B in English (also called Language Arts)?  Is it your favorite subject?  Do you like writing essays, stories, & poems?  Do you enjoy reading?  If you answered yes consider taking Honors English.  You can mark on the form that you are interested.

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STEP 4    

Click HERE to tell us your top 6 elective choices.  Remember to start with your 1st choice.  List your elective picks in order, starting with the elective you want the most, then 2nd, 3rd, 4th, & then your 5th & 6th choice. *If you are choosing AVID or Leadership as one of your top three choices, you will also need to fill out an application.  You will find buttons below to go to each application.