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Emotional Support for Students

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what is sel & why should you (students) care?

SEL is a lot of things all rolled in to one like-skills, attitudes and values.  All of these things promote success in school and in life, things like managing emotions, setting and achieving goals, persevering through adversity and working in a team.  You may not think these are important skills BUT doing SEL activites can help you:

  • Have less melt downs

  • Avoid some drama

  • Get along better with your parents and/or siblings

  • Talk to your teacher so you earn a better grade

  • Manage anxiety

At least give it a try!  It can't hurt!

*Some activites have worksheets you can use, you can find these to the left under Worksheets 4 SEL

Social/emotional_learning monthlyCheck_back_in_august_for_the_first_sel_of_the_school_year! Card Icon
Social/emotional learning 
Check back in august for the first sel of the school year!

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AUgust SEL

"Not caring what people think will be the best decision you ever make!"  I'm not talking about important people like your parent or guardian.  You know who I'm talking about!  So start this year off right by focusing on you.  Check out the video below for some 3 minute inspiring advice and motivation.

You_are_Enough Card IconYou are Enough

September_sel-what_is_your_passion? Card Icon
September sel-what is your passion?

Watch this short 2 min video about how to find your passion!


Try the activity-look for the doc "Find Your Passion" at the top left of this page under the menu.

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October sel-8 motivation tips

Watch this video from Greg & Mitch to learn helpful tips for staying motivated! (Or in some of your cases...GETTING motivated! The year isn't over yet guys, KEEP LEARNING!


Try setting a goal this week using the SMART Goals worksheet (find it on the upper left side of this page under the menu)

  • Goal Ideas:

  • Specific Subject Goal                                       

  • PE Goal

  • Daily Assignment Goal

  • Time spent on school work a day Goal

  • Decreasing Screen Time Goal

  • Kindness Goal