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2022-2023 8th Graders

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Gear up for 8th grade

Rio Tierra is the only Jr. High that is able to offer as many electives as we do.  Next year we will be offering 8 different electives.  Check out the video below to see what electives are being offered next year. 

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consider your learning style

Knowing how you learn can be helpful when trying to choose an elective.  There are 4 types of learners.  The quickest way to figure out which learning style is your strongest is to imagine you are going to do something you haven't done before.  So lets say you need to build a bookshelf for your room.  How would you learn how to do it so you could complete the task?
A.  Watch a video of someone else building one.
B.  Listen to a friend explain how to build one.
C.  Read the instructions that came with the shelf.
D.  Try to lay out the pieces and figure it out as you go.
If you wanted to pick more than one, that is ok, that is actually GREAT!  That means you have more than one way you can learn things.  Most teens usually have one learning style that is the strongest.  Find out what learning style is your strongest by clicking on the answer you chose below.

A. Watch a Video...

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Visual Learners learn best through seeing it. Visual displays, like photos, charts, illustrations, and videos, are all great tools for the visual learner to get information. 

B. Listen to a Friend...

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Auditory Learners learn most effectively by listening to information. Audio-based activities, such as listening to lectures, music, ebooks, and podcasts, are ways that auditory learners get their information.

C. Read the Instructions...

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Read-Write Learners learn best when reading or writing words. Text-based activities, such as taking notes, reading novels or textbooks, and creating presentations, lend themselves well to the read-write learner when trying to learn something new or review old information. 

D. Try to Figure It Out...

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Kinesthetic learners, also known as Tactile Learners, learn most successfully by touching, feeling, and, ultimately, doing. Hands-on activities, like building models, acting out scenarios, and carrying out experiments, work best for tactile learners as it allows them to associate motion with information.  Tactile learners like to move!

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To check out Art click HERE
*Check back this summer to see who will be teaching art!


To check out AVID with Mr. Shrewsbury click HERE
AVID goes on field trips!
AVID is a class that requires students to fill out a short application.  If AVID is one of your top 3 choices then come back later to fill out the google form by clicking the button at the bottom of the web-page. 

Beginning Guitar

Learn guitar with Mr. Kenealey. The school provides you with a guitar, you do not have to buy anything.


Sing with Mr. Kenealey!

Computer Science

Find out more details about Computer Science Discoveries with Ms. Takano-Alcantara click HERE


To learn more about what leadership does with Mrs. Powell click HERE

Leadership requires students to fill out a short application.  If Leadership is one of your top 3 choices, come back later to fill out the application by clicking on the button at the bottom of the web-page.


To learn more about Spanish click HERE!  If you already speak Spanish, we offer Spanish for Native Speakers too.

*Check back this summer to find out who will be teaching Spanish!

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elective applications

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More to discover & explore

If you would like to take a more detailed learning styles survey (20 questions) you can go to the counseling College webpage by clicking HERE.
To check out some careers that might interest you, click HERE to visit the counseling Careers webpage.