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COVID Loss & Grief

Loosing a family member, loved one or even a neighbor or person in the community can be difficult to understand and deal with.  Losing someone due to COVID in the middle of a pandemic can impact the grieving process even more.  We hope that the resources below will help you and your family cope with your loss and work through your grief.  Please reach to the counselor, Mrs. Juarros, if you would like help finding additional resources or a grief counselor.

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loss and grief due to covid-resources

  • Play, creative activities, and physical movement help children naturally express their feelings, concerns, and questions.  UC Davis has included many Activities for Grieving Children & Families on their bereavement resources page.

  • The Dougy Center offers a ton of resources  for adults, teens, and children who are experiencing grief due to loosing someone to COVID or COVID complications.

  • Helping a Teenager Deal with Grief article on Whats Your Grief website

  • Grief Resources and Activities for KIDS (Dougy Center)

  • Grief Resources for ADULTS (Dougy Center)

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Grief and loss for children 

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Kai's journey 

Presented by New York Life Foundation, Kai’s Journey is a series about a little boy named Kai who, together with his mom, learns how to navigate a profound loss in their family.  They are E-books that can be downloaded by clicking on the titles below or you can watch the video with your children.  These are geared more towards younger children but asking older siblings to "help" and including them can be just as good for them as it is for their younger siblings.  After reading the E-Book or watching the video have a discussion to help them unpack what they are feeling and give an opportunity for them to ask questions.  There are discussion guides below that you can reference if you are not sure where to start.

For each download New York Life will make a donation to $1 to their foundation that will provide grief resources to families.  Visit New York Life Foundation to download a copy.

The_Golden_Sweater-Kai's_Journey Card IconThe Golden Sweater-Kai's Journey

The_Girl_With_the_Locket-Kai's_Journey Card IconThe Girl With the Locket-Kai's Journey

The_Fishless_Lake-Kai's_Journey Card IconThe Fishless Lake-Kai's Journey